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Topptek is respected for innovation and reliability. We provide services and technologies for an organization’s assets, people and transactions enabling organizations to unlock greater business value.

• System integration and database management

  • Secure database management and services
  • Services for cloud computing

• Software and services

  • Remote monitoring and network supervision
  • Management and optimization platforms
  • Development of software for specific projects
  • Technical support for software
  • Software and services for ID, health, access control and privacy
  • Software and services for digital identity (creation, management and verification)
  • Biometric enrollment and search software
  • Software and services for privacy management

• Software and services for IT security, authentication and trust

• Logical access control and seamless security for online transactions

• Authentication servers and PKI solutions

• Audit and consulting in IT security

• Audit and consulting in network security

• Cryptology software and services

• IT-outsourcing

• Technical support and Service Maintenance of Equipment

  • Supply and installation of printers
  • Staff training
  • Service maintenance and repair



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